Rail Industry

Train Care 4 (TC4) – Interior & Exterior Rolling Stock Cleaner

Non-corrosive, odour-free, non-caustic and non-flammable. Working solutions are virtually neutral pH. Ideal for cleaning of rolling stock interior and exteriors, floors, carpets, upholstery or any surface where water can be used.

Train Care HD1 (HD1) – Heavy Duty Rail Car Cleaner

Bio-degradable, non-corrosive solvent-free with a low pH and safe to use on all surfaces. Ideal for deep seated soiling from interior and exterior surfaces of rolling stock and will remove dead paint pigments, oil and grease and regular use will remove brake dust deposits.

Train Care CZ (CZ) – Interior & Exterior Rolling Stock Cleaner (Non-Emulsifiable)

Non-emulsifiable, bio-degradable, non-corrosive, solvent-free with a low pH and is suitable for use on any washable surface. Removes general soiling, greasy dirt and is ideal for removal of fly squash smuts. Regular use will remove brake dust deposits.

Bac-Free – Deodoriser-Sanitiser Cleaner Concentrate

A unique product incorporating a deodoriser to counter mal-odours, a re-odoriser to give a longlasting fragrance and a sanitiser to kill micro-organisms. An effective fast-acting hard surface cleaner and will remove grease and dirt. Bac-Free 2, a food-safe product for use in all catering and food areas is also available.

Prism – Window & Glass Cleaner

Non-abrasive glass/window cleaner which will leave a microscopic film to repel dust and soiling. Prism quickly removes grease and dust from smooth, uneven and etched glass surfaces with ease.

Our range of products is extensive and also includes polishes, anti-bacs, degreasers and foam cleaners.