Aviation Industry

Solvent Stand & Aircraft Cleaner – Approved Exterior & Interior Cleaner

A versatile aircraft cleaner which has been formulated using the highest quality raw materials. Diluted with cold, warm or hot water it can be used on any washable surface to remove grease, oil and all types of general soiling.

Bac-Free – Deodoriser-Sanitiser Cleaner Concentrate

A unique product incorporating a deodoriser to counter mal-odours, a re-odoriser to give a longlasting fragrance and a sanitiser to kill micro-organisms. An effective fast-acting hard surface cleaner and will remove grease and dirt.

Bac-Free 2 – Odourless Galley/Food Area Cleaner

A food-safe product which contains an active biocide to combat and eliminate bacteria associated with food deposits. Suitable for cleaning hard surfaces, is taint-free and safe to use in closed areas.

Break-Down Approved On-board Toilet Additive

Highly concentrated toilet additive for all types of on-board and portable toilet areas. Will kill odour causing bacteria, reduce solid matter to liquid waste and is formaldehyde-free.

Crystal – concentrated Window & Glass Cleaner

A non-abrasive window and glass cleaner which can be used either in concentrate or diluted form. Removes grease and dirt on all glass surfaces and will leave a microscopic film to repel dust and resoiling.

Our range of products is extensive and also includes concentrated cleaners, waxes, degreasers and solvents.