Commerce & Engineering Industry

Solv-Ent - Soluble Safety Solvent

Fast-acting and highly efficient emulsifiable safety solvent suitable for use on any washable surface. Non-toxic, bio-degradable and non-polluting. Will remove oil, grease, dirt, mould, dye, inks, carbon deposits, etc. and contains a corrosion inhibitor.

Solv-Extra LO – Self-Emulsifying Low Odour Degreaser

A highly concentrated self-emulsifying degreaser that will remove stubborn petroleum product deposits. Environmentally friendly and conforms to current legislation.

Shine – High Solids Content Floor Polish

Water based emulsion polish which will leave a tough and hard-wearing coating with outstanding water and detergent resistance. Dries to a high gloss finish resistant to scuffing and black heel marking. Slip resistant.

Citrus Clean – Water Soluble Cleaner Degreaser

An effective degreaser/cleaner with a citrus oil base which will leave a fresh citrus fragrance. Can be used as a general purpose cleaner and is suitable for cleaning almost any washable surface.

GCB – Bactericidal Cleaner & Sanitiser

Special non-tainting formulation for use within transport retail and preparation of food. Suitable for use on walls, floors, tiles, work surfaces, stainless steel, etc. Contains a bactericide.

Our range of products is extensive and also includes degreasers, hand cleaners and conditioners, penetrants and toilet area products.