WASH ‘N’ WAX More Details

Concentrated Vehicle Cleaner & Wax


Wash ’n’ Wax is a formulation of highly concentrated shampoo and waxing agents that are harmless to all paints and fittings.  The raw materials used in this product are of the highest quality and contain Canuba Wax which will leave bodywork clean with a deep gloss without the need to polish to produce a high shine.  It will even restore old and dull paintwork. 


TRUCKIN More Details

Traffic Film Remover

Truckin is a phosphate and caustic free TFR cleaning compound that has been developed for the Transport industry.  The raw materials used in its formulation are of the highest quality thereby ensuring first class results with the minimum of labour time. 

Powershine More Details

Traffic Film Remover with Rinse Aid

Powershine is a heavy duty TFR detergent containing a blend of surface active agents, emulsifiers, sequestering agents and alkali builders developed for the Transport Industry. 

TRF 39 More Details

Non-Caustic Vehicle Cleaner with Rinse Aid 

TFR 39 is a non-toxic mild alkaline detergent cleaner containing a blend of surface active agents, emulsifiers, sequestering agents, soil suspending agents and rinse aid. 

MAXI-MOUSSE More Details

High Foaming Traffic Film Remover 

Maxi-Mousse Plus is a caustic-free, high foaming traffic film remover containing a blend of surface active agents, sequestering agents with added foam stabilisers and an emulsifier. 

SOLV-EXTRA More Details

Concentrated Emulsifiable Degreaser


Solv-Extra is a highly concentrated emulsifiable degreaser and solvent for the removal of petroleum based products.



Self-Emulsifying Degreaser


Solv-Extra LO is a highly concentrated self-emulsifying, quick break degreaser for the safe removal of petroleum products.  When using quick break emulsifiers, oil and grease are emulsified to enable easy rinsing of the resultant residue.  This residue becomes unstable and breaks back to form an easy disposable waste in separating tanks in the line.


SOLV-ENT More Details

Water Soluble Safety Solvent


Solv-Ent is a fast-acting, highly efficient emulsifiable safety solvent.  It is suitable for use on any washable surface. 

Solv-Ent bridges the gap between detergents and powerful (but dangerous) solvents.


GCB More Details

Bactericidal Cleaner and Sanitiser


GCB is a special non-tainting formulation for use within transport, retail and preparation of food.

FOAM-CLEAN More Details

Safety Cleaner (Cab Interiors)

Foam-Clean is a specialised blend of solvents and foam agents designed to remove soiling from a wide variety of surfaces.  After cleaning it exhibits mild bactericidal properties to the surface. 

CRYSTAL More Details

Concentrated Window & Glass Cleaner


Crystal has been developed to enable its use in either concentrate or diluted (with water) form.  The polishing aids in Crystal are non-abrasive and after cleaning a microscopic film is left to repel dust and re-soiling.


D-ICE More Details

D-Ice Fluid


D-Ice is a powerful de-icing solvent that has been formulated for the quick removal of frost, ice and snow from a wide range of surfaces.  D-Ice contains special additives that prevent the re-formation of frost and ice on surfaces that have been previously treated.


SO-AMP More Details

Safety Degreaser Solvent


So-Amp contains a powerful blend of solvents forming a ‘dry cleaner’.  It is safe and non-conducting with a high flash point, therefore it can be applied while electrical equipment is in use and it will not damage insulation.  It is non-toxic and does not contain Carbon Tetrachloride.


E-LUBE More Details

Moisture & Corrosion Controller


E-Lube is a fast-acting, safe and efficient corrosion inhibitor producing a long-lasting, non-drying and flexible coating.  E-Lube displaces moisture on electrical equipment without harming insulations, metals or plastics.


PENE-LUBE More Details



Pene-Lube is a chemical formulation which quickly releases frozen and corroded metal parts.  It is safe to use on all metals as there is no acid content.  Can be applied by spray or dipping methods and is effective in penetration and will even work on countersunk threads. 


SLIP-WAY More Details

Silicone Release Compound


Slip-Way is a pure silicone formulated for use as a ‘dry’ lubricant and release agent.  Prevents sticking of all kinds of materials by providing a smooth film of silicone.  It is non-flammable, stainless, odourless, non-toxic, colourless and is heat stable.


HI-FLASH 65 More Details

Non-Aromatic Degreaser Solvent


HI-FLASH 65 is a non-flammable, fast-drying solvent degreaser.



Economy Traffic Film Remover


Powerforce is a TFR and degreaser detergent specifically formulated for the Transport and Plant Hire Industries.