SOLV-ENT More Details

Water Soluble Safety Solvent 

Solv-Ent is a fast-acting, highly efficient emulsifiable safety solvent.  It is suitable for use on any washable surface. 


Self-Emulsifying Low Odour Degreaser 


Solv-Extra LO is a highly concentrated self-emulsifying degreaser that will remove stubborn petroleum product deposits.


WELD-WISE More Details

Anti-Spatter Liquid


Weld-Wise is a non-toxic water based anti-spatter liquid.  It is free from harmful solvents and is non-flammable which makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for use in all welding applications. 


SO-AMP More Details

Safety Degreaser Solvent


So-Amp contains a powerful blend of solvents forming a ‘dry cleaner’.  It is safe and non-conducting with a high flash point.


SO-AMP 511 More Details

Electrical Cleaner (Non Flammable)


So-Amp 511 is a powerful solvent degreaser especially designed for cleaning electric motors, generators and other electrical equipment. 


BAC-FREE More Details

Deodoriser-Sanitiser Cleaner Concentrate


Bac-Free incorporates, in one unique product, all the benefits of a deodoriser to counter mal-odours, a re-odoriser to impart a long-lasting fragrance and a sanitiser to kill micro-organisms. 


SHINE More Details

High Solids Content Floor Polish


Shine is a high solids content water based emulsion polish. It is based on polymers which cross-link with metal ions during film formation to give a tough, hard wearing coating with outstanding water and detergent resistance.


CRYSTAL More Details

Concentrated Window & Glass Cleaner

Crystal has been developed to enable its use in either concentrate or diluted (with water) form.  

PALM-IT More Details

Hand Cleaner & Conditioner


Palm-It is a safe, fast and effective hand cleaner and conditioner.  


E-LUBE More Details

Moisture & Corrosion Controller


E-Lube is a fast-acting, safe and efficient corrosion inhibitor producing a long-lasting, non-drying and flexible coating. 


PENE-LUBE More Details



Pene-Lube is a chemical formulation which quickly releases frozen and corroded metal parts. 


BREAK-DOWN More Details

Approved On-Board Toilet Additive


BREAK-DOWN is a highly concentrated toilet additive for all types of On-Board and Portable toilet areas. 


BREAK-DOWN 2 More Details

Water Soluble Chemical Toilet Powder Sachets


Break-Down 2 are soluble sachets containing a formaldehyde free toilet powder based on quaternary ammonium compounds. 



Water Soluble Cleaner Degreaser


Citrus Clean is a degreaser and cleaner based on citrus turpine oils.


GCB More Details

Bactericidal Cleaner and Sanitiser


GCB is a special non-tainting formulation for use within transport, retail and preparation of food.