SOLV-ENT More Details

Water Soluble Safety Solvent


Solv-Ent is a fast-acting, highly efficient emulsifiable safety solvent.  It is suitable for use on any washable surface.  Solv-Ent bridges the gap between detergents and powerful (but dangerous) solvents.




Self-Emulsifying Low Odour Degreaser


Solv-Extra LO is a highly concentrated self-emulsifying degreaser that will remove stubborn petroleum product deposits.



SO-AMP More Details

Safety Degreaser Solvent


So-Amp contains a powerful blend of solvents forming a ‘dry cleaner’.  It is safe and non-conducting with a high flash point, therefore it can be applied while electrical equipment is in use and it will not damage insulation. 



HI-FLASH 65 More Details

Non-Aromatic Degreaser Solvent


HI-FLASH 65 is a non-flammable, fast-drying solvent degreaser.



GCB More Details

Bactericidal Cleaner and Sanitiser


GCB is a special non-tainting formulation for use within transport, retail and preparation of food.



SHINE More Details

High Solids Content Floor Polish


Shine is a high solids content water based emulsion polish. It is based on polymers which cross-link with metal ions during film formation to give a tough, hard wearing coating with outstanding water and detergent resistance.





SO-AMP 511 More Details

Electrical Cleaner (Non Flammable)


So-Amp 511 is a powerful solvent degreaser especially designed for cleaning electric motors, generators and other electrical equipment. 



VANQUISH More Details

Concentrated Liquid Toilet Cleaner


Vanquish is a powerful and safe perfumed germicidal toilet cleaner which replaces the use of up to five separate materials.



PALM-IT More Details

Hand Cleaner & Conditioner


Palm-It is a safe, fast and effective hand cleaner and conditioner.  Its use will quickly remove stubborn dirt, grease, oil, carbon black, ink, wet paint and food odours. 



PENE-LUBE More Details



Pene-Lube is a chemical formulation which quickly releases frozen and corroded metal parts.  It is safe to use on all metals as there is no acid content.  Can be applied by spray or dipping methods and is effective in penetration and will even work on countersunk threads.




Water Soluble Cleaner Degreaser


Citrus Clean is a degreaser and cleaner based on citrus turpine oils.



WELD-WISE More Details

Anti-Spatter Liquid


Weld-Wise is a non-toxic water based anti-spatter liquid.  It is free from harmful solvents and is non-flammable which makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for use in all welding applications.