Approved Exterior & Interior Cleaner


Solv-Ent Stand & Aircraft Cleaner is a versatile aircraft cleaner which has been formulated using the highest quality raw materials available. 


TRUCKIN More Details

Heavy Duty Cleaner


Truckin is a phosphate and caustic free heavy duty cleaning compound that has been developed for the Aviation industry. 


WASH ‘N’ WAX More Details

Concentrated Cleaner & Wax


Wash ’n’ Wax is a formulation of highly concentrated shampoo and waxing agents that are harmless to all paints and fittings. 


CRYSTAL More Details

Concentrated Window & Glass Cleaner


Crystal has been developed to enable its use in either concentrate or diluted (with water) form. 


D-ICE More Details

D-Ice Fluid


D-Ice is a powerful de-icing solvent that has been formulated for the quick removal of frost, ice and snow from a wide range of surfaces. 


BAC-FREE More Details

Deodoriser-Sanitiser Cleaner Concentrate

Bac-Free incorporates, in one unique product, all the benefits of a deodoriser, a re-odoriser and a sanitiser.

HI-FLASH 65 More Details

Non-Aromatic Degreaser Solvent


HI-FLASH 65 is a non-flammable, fast-drying solvent degreaser.

BAC-FREE 2 More Details

Odourless Galley/Food Area Cleaner


Bac-Free 2 is a food-safe product for use in all galley and food areas. 


E-LUBE More Details

Moisture & Corrosion Controller


E-Lube is a fast-acting, safe and efficient corrosion inhibitor producing a long-lasting, non-drying and flexible coating. 


SO-AMP More Details

Safety Degreaser Solvent


So-Amp contains a powerful blend of solvents forming a ‘dry cleaner’. 


BREAK-DOWN More Details

Approved On-Board Toilet Additive


Break-Down is a highly concentrated toilet additive for all types of On-Board and Portable toilet areas. 


BREAK-DOWN 2 More Details

Water Soluble Chemical Toilet Powder Sachets


Break-Down 2 are soluble sachets containing a formaldehyde free toilet powder based on quaternary ammonium compounds.  



Water Soluble Cleaner Degreaser


Citrus Clean is a degreaser and cleaner based on citrus turpine oils.